Year 7 Transition

We know that the set up from primary to secondary school can be a time of anxiety for most pupils (and parents and carers!) so we make every effort to ensure that starting at St Katherine’s is a smooth, happy experience.

Our Transition Learning Manager is Mrs Julie Ball who is highly experienced in transition and Year 7. Mrs Ball visits new pupils in their primary schools from around Easter time. Along with meeting new pupils she discusses each child with their Year 6 child and/or key member of staff.

For pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, Mrs Ceri Rushworth, our Inclusion Manager will visit the school along with Mrs Ball. We hold additional transitional visits for all pupils with special educational needs or who will need additional support to secure a smooth transition. This will include discrete induction sessions at St. Katherine’s.

Where pupils are coming to St. Katherine’s as the only pupil from their school we hold a special ‘singles’ event before our main transaction days so that these pupils and families feel confident and less anxious about joining St. Katherine’s.

We hold a two day induction programme in early July. These fun packed days combine taster St. Katherine’s lessons and the chance for all pupils to meet their new tutor and the children who will be in their tutor group.

On the evening of the second day we hold a meeting for parents/carers where there is an opportunity to meet the tutor and other key staff in a relaxed, informal setting. We conclude the evening with a barbecue.

For more information about starting at St Katherine’s read our A-Z Parent Handbook September 2019.  

Our Ready to Learn guide properly prepared to learn in every class.  This minimises disruptions in class so our teachers can focus on teaching and help every pupil maximise their progress and succeed.