The Faculty

Mr A Francis Black Assistant Headteacher/Head of Science/Physics Teacher
Miss Z  Ivey 2nd in Science/Biology Teacher
Mr D Hanks Head of Teaching & Learning/Biology Teacher
Mrs J Brooke Head of Year 9/Biology & Chemistry Teacher
Mr T Hodgson Deputy Head of Sixth Form/Chemistry Teacher
Mrs K Quick Physics Teacher
Miss E Andrews Science Teacher
Mrs A Helliar Lead Science Technician
Mr C Wilson Science Technician

The Science department has undergone rapid change over the last two years with the introduction of exciting and relevant schemes of learning accompanied by a gradual move towards online assessment which provides detailed feedback, showing students how they can improve. As a consequence GCSE results have risen by 20% with almost 7 out of 10 students achieving two or more good GCSEs in Science subjects.

KS3 Curriculum

Students follow the Oxford Activate scheme of learning, which covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students study 9-12 units each year. In year 7 students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups whilst in years 8 & 9 students are set by ability. Students are assessed by end of unit online tests as well as written progress tasks. Homework is set each week and will include both online and written tasks.

Following examined assessment at the end of year 9 students who gain a minimum of level 6 will be invited to apply for Triple Science GCSE. At present almost 50% of our year 10 students study Triple Science.

KS4 Curriculum

There are two routes available at KS4.

Triple Science: Separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics leading to three GCSEs. This is an excellent foundation for study of GCE science A-levels.

Core and Additional Science: This option leads to two GCSEs. This forms a good foundation for the study of GCE A-levels.

Able, Gifted and Talented

The faculty supports all students by offering a range of opportunities and pathways through science. Students can extend their science experience through activities such as science challenges that run as competitions in Bristol University or local schools, ‘Science live!’ lectures at the Colston Hall, the school’s own Science Week, STEM club and cross curricular projects with other faculties. The commitment of the faculty towards the development of STEM was highlighted this year when Zoe Ivey was awarded STEM Teacher of the Year.

A range of pathways allow students to follow course that are most appropriate for them. Triple Science is an excellent pathway to stretch and challenge our most able student and is an excellent grounding for study at advanced level.

Extracurricular Activities

  • STEM club
  • Skirting Science – An event for year 9 girls
  • Science Week
  • Tea with a Scientist.
  • The Big Bang Science Show – NEC Birmingham
  • Visiting Speakers
  • Lectures such as “Science live!” at the Colston Hall