ICT & Business Studies

The Faculty

Mr M Green Head of ICT and Business Faculty
Mrs H Shephard Teacher of ICT and Business Studies
Mr J Humphreys Deputy Headteacher/Teacher of ICT

ICT is constantly evolving and is essential to the way we live and work.  We offer students the opportunity to work with and learn about as many different forms of ICT as possible.  We have 4 main computer suites and specialist computer facilities in the Art & Design and Technology faculties. All computers are networked and linked to the internet.

St Katherine’s is committed to developing its ICT provision in terms of curriculum development and access to hardware and software with a 5 year plan to improve resources for all. The ICT curriculum is taught by the ICT and Business Studies Faculty.

KS3 Curriculum

Students receive 2 lessons a fortnight of discrete ICT at KS3.  During KS3 students follow a programme of study which focuses on the following streams of learning:

  • Business – Students will learn about file management, internet research and internet safety.  Students will use a variety of business software such as Presentation, Spreadsheet and Desk Top Publishing
  • Technical – Students will learn about the different computers and what makes a computer system.  They  will also use programming software such as Scratch
  • Creative –  creating work using animation, web authoring, movie and sound editing software
  • Safety – Students will learn the importance of staying safe online and how to respond to things which concern them in the cyberworld.

KS4 Curriculum

GCSE Computing

Students use computational thinking and creativity. The core of computing is computer science, in which students are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.

Unit 1 is 40% and is a theory paper. Unit 2 and Unit 3 are the controlled assessment elements and add up to 60%.

BTEC Level 2 Business

Students will learn to recognise and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of business functions, environment and finance in a way that is relevant to today’s work environment. Students study 4 units are assessed through a combination of assignments and an external exam.

  • Unit 1 – Enterprise in the business world – Coursework
  • Unit 2 – Finance for business – External exam
  • Unit 3 – Promoting a brand – Coursework
  • Unit 8 – Recruitment Selection & Employment – Coursework

KS5 Curriculum

BTEC Level 3 Business

Business employers value employees who have this BTEC qualification in Business. It will provide opportunities for you as a learner to develop your skill, knowledge and understanding of a wide range of business functions that help you contribute to the success of any company that employs you in the future.

The four core units gives you an important introduction to and understanding of the business environment, management of resources, marketing and communication – all fundamental to the success of business organisations.

  • Unit 1 – The Business Environment
  • Unit 2 – Business Resources
  • Unit 3 – Introduction to Marketing
  • Unit 4 – Business Communication

The programme involves a number of educational visits upon which assessments will be based.

AS/ A2 Information Communication Technology (ICT)

AS Level

Practical problem solving in the digital world enables students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the development of IT systems through practical experience in using a range of applications software in a structured way. Living in a digital age makes students aware of the numerous issues arising from the use of ICT for individuals, society and organisations.

A2 Level

The use of ICT in a digital world addresses issues associating with the management of ICT and its use within organisations. It looks at the fast changing subject of ICT and how the development of technology and systems capabilities affect how the world makes use of ICT. Practical issues involved in the use of ICT in the digital world provides student with the opportunity to complete a substantial project involving the production of an ICT related system over an extended period of time.

Able Gifted and Talented

We currently run a Computing club for KS3 Gifted and Talented students on a Wednesday lunch time and have other opportunities throughout the year during and outside of class time.

Courses and Qualifications

BTEC Business level 2 Edexcel BTEC Extended Certificate in Business –equivalent to a GCSE A*-C grade

Extracurricular Activities/Clubs

The faculty currently offer lunch time catch-up clubs for KS4 where students can access help with homework or coursework and a KS3 Gifted and Talented club, currently focusing on coding

In Post 16 we currently offer the Young Enterprise initiative. Students create business ideas and form companies with the aim of developing their business and employability skills for life after education.